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Клинический санаторий

Hyperbaric oxygenation

Air we breathe brings one of the main element of life activity into our body— OXYGEN, which regulates all oxidative reactions of the organism. As a result we get all necessary for life energy.

A person can live without water or food during period from several days to several weeks; however, lack of oxygen is perilous for tissues and organs.

In case of any pathology in the body oxygen intensity to the sick organ is hindered because of vessel spasms, tissue edema, and inflammation or of low quality of hemoglobin which provides oxygen delivery to organs and tissues.

Hypoxia (oxygen deficiency) is being developed when oxygen intensity is impaired. Different ways of oxygen therapy have been developed to manage these states. However, at normal barometric absolute pressure breathing even with pure oxygen often does not provide elimination of oxygen deficiency on the level of cells of organs and tissues. The only way to fix this problem is to increase quantity of the oxygen delivered by blood; you can achieve it only using an altitude chamber with increased oxygen pressure in it; as known gases are dissolved better in liquids under pressure. This method is called hyperbaric oxygenation (HBO).

This way it is possible to eliminate oxygen deficiency in a sick organ, restore its function and resistance to disease-causing factors

Besides this, as observed, during medical HBO sessions adaptive capabilities are increased and risk of disease development decreased.

Sessions in altitude chamber mitigate fatigue, restore activities after intense work, increase muscle tonus, have antistress, general tonic effect, decrease non-favorable impact of the polluted environment. Patients who took the course of HBO noted rise of life activity and stabilization of psychoemotional state.

Besides, HBO has a number of effects which favorably influence a patient’s state :

  • anti-edema effect ;
  • anti-inflammatory effect ;
  • fasten the course of the wound process ;
  • intensifies action of a big row of medicines (antibiotics, cardiac glycosides, antihypertensive drugs, diuretics and many others) ;
  • facilitates growing of the vascular capillaries and restores low blood flow in organs and tissues;
  • HBO normalizes collagen synthesis, fastens callus formation, eliminates osteoporosis event, etc. ;
  • has a rejuvenation effect on the body;
  • facilitates fat burning and normalization of protein metabolism and carbohydrates that promotes weight loss.

It cannot but be mentioned one more important advantage of HBO method – this method allows decrease quantity or doze of the taken drugs.

If we apply HBO method (separately or in a complex with other methods) it is possible to achieve good results in treatment of many diseases, decrease significantly terms of recovery, help a weakened body to cope with consequences of a disease and improve life quality of the patients with a number of severe chronic diseases.